Monday, September 5, 2011

US OPEN Tennis: It Must Be Love

I LOVE US OPEN Tennis!  Where else is it perfectly appropriate for a jumbotron screen in a sports stadium to linger on a shot of hot 24 year old Rafa Nadal casually taking off his shirt and wiping down his sweat?  To be fair, he has just won a challenging tennis match while upwards of 33,000 people looked on.  After you are done appreciating him for his tennis skills and/or his abs, you can buy Rafa's Nike gear at the gift shop.

Where else can you sit on a couch made out of tennis ball? Hold a giant tennis ball above your head without looking completely absurd? Cheer like mad people and then be shushed into silence, only to have a rebellious fan yell at the top of his lungs: "Do it for the Children, Andy! Do it for America!"  Yes, that really happened.

The US Open brings together upper class sporty elite with European fans and middle class folks to enjoy the sport in its highest caliber.  Watching some of the world's best athletes is thrilling!  Plus, AMEX is one of the event sponsors, and whenever they are involved in something, people usually benefit.  Don't feel too bad about the astronomical food prices, because when you spend a total of $150 throughout the day on ice pops, pop corn, lobster rolls, savory crepes, vodka, tee shirts, giant tennis balls, extremely overpriced polo shirts, or whatever else suits your fancy, you get a "free" gift card to spend at Ralph Lauren  stores or online for $50.  Not too shabby. Now I can buy 2/5 ths of that awesome polo shirt that the ball girls wear!

The highlight of my day was watching Andy Roddick play.  After he won, he said that he had a great time playing in front of the New York crowd.  I was part of the crowd!  So cool!!!  I'd like to think that my support helped him with the win.  I wish I could attend this event every day, but for now I will be cheering loudly at the TV from my couch, that sadly, does not look like a tennis ball.

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