Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Love Lamp!

Brick from Anchorman really said it best.  I Love Lamp!

NYC apartments do NOT have adequate lighting.  College lamps just won't do.  I got myself a big girl lamp at LAMPSPLUS.COM.  Nifty, eh?

I chose a sturdy number with 150 watt bulbs.  After a slightly confusing installation process (I was tired and there were wires), I turned on the light! To my pleasant surprise, this lamp has a dimming option as well as separate on and off knobs for the smaller bulbs.

Psychological studies have shown that light makes people happy.   At college (the ever cloudy Syracuse, NY,  second most sun-less city in the USA after Seattle), my friends actually had lamps that emulated the sun to stave off seasonal depression. There are entire websites devoted to these "Happy Lights."

After literally living and working without natural sunlight, I have developed Vitamin D deficiency.  But vitamins just aren't enough, so I say: LET THERE BE LIGHT!


  1. Too funny! I actually got the same exact "big girl lamp" after my 4 years at Syracuse!

  2. LOOKS NICE, I COULD USE SOME MORE LIGHT! OOPS... sorry for the caps. I guess I was excited :-p