Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Matte About You and Satey Su

Well its Monday.  That means back to work.  However, inside the walls of corporate America, creative people are sharing stories of their weekends.  During my morning "water cooler chatter", my ever-so stylish co-worker Trish opened my eyes to Essie's Matte About You, a clear topcoat that turns any shade of polish matte!

Why, you ask, would this be so magnificent as to magically brighten up my Monday?  I now understand the simple truth about shiny/ matte french manicures!  By combining shiny and matte topcoats, you can create stunningly chic new looks!  This hot item is already sold out online so scurry over to your local beauty supplier before its all gone!


If that wasn't great enough, my co worker Stacy told me about her blog: Satey Su by Stacy Mulligan.
Stacy is a talented artist and designer with a groovy eye for unique style and killer taste.  Check out her posts for a fresh take on life in the N Y C.  Oh yeah, and she also makes jewelry!

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