Monday, October 17, 2011

Teen Vogue's Fashion Click! Style is just a click away!

Teen Vogue is my bible.  Most fashionistas will tell you that they only swear by Vogue.  I like Teen Vogue better because it is accessible.  They target fresh, fun, young, everyday girls who have serious style.   Better yet, they save gals the time of scouring the web one fashion blog at a time with their "Fashion Click."

So simple and yet so brilliant: Fashion Click is a page where Teen Vogue staffers feature top looks by their favorite fashion bloggers... DAILY... from around the globe.  

See what the rebel trendsetters are rocking from Santa Fe to Berlin!  Even if we speak different languages, the language of fashion is truly universal.  

Here are some looks I covet.  Check back daily to see new inspiration from these young up and comers!

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