Thursday, October 6, 2011

"She's Got The Look" or Mimic a Gimmick

I'm starting a series on Shopahillic called "She's Got the Look."  There are so many inspiring fashionistas in this fair city of Manhattan and around the world!  Some gals just get it right, and if I'm lucky enough, I can capture the magic to share with you.  So here we go: real girls with Serious style!

The inaugural look is my co-worker Elena.

So check it:

Top: Flowing uneven hemmed animal print number. Cheetah flecked with gold for glamour that goes from day to night.
Pants: Skinny black jeans to keep it simple.
Shoes: POP of RED! animal print + red = sizzle

Modern and classic all at the same time: A+ girlfriend!

Think you've "got the look" or know someone who does?  I'd love to blog about you!

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