Friday, October 7, 2011

You Get What You Dress For- so stop wearing sneakers with your business suit! says "You Get What You Dress For"  This may sound shallow to some, but dress for success actually does work.  Looking relevant and polished can boost not only your self esteem, but your respect level at work and in life.

With activewear and casual clothing on the rise, perhaps we have all gotten too casual....

 In the 1960's, people got DRESSED.  They ironed their clothes.  They attempted to match!  Not everything they wore had stretch in it, and I'm not even sure running sneakers existed. 

Now, don't get me wrong: casual, comfy clothing is amazing for lounging around on the weekends, but when you're trying to make an ex jealous/ get a promotion/ be treated as an adult/ not end up on a fashion blog's "fashion victim list" ya gotta step it up girlfriends!

A great fashion blogger, Dear Andi, posted today about my least favorite fashion faux paux: wearing running sneakers with a business suit as your "commuter shoes."  Show some respect people.  I thought this look died with Miranda Hobbes circa Sex and the City 80's flashback. 

You will be amazed what a little polish and tailoring can do! But if nothing else, please buy a pair of flats to commute in and end this epidemic!  Just found this amazing pair at by Christian Siriano (Project Runway) for $29.99!

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  1. where was this at our dress for success meeting??
    some people around here (not to mention any names) think that the phrase "dress for where you want to be" means they want to dress for where they'd rather physically be (like the club) instead of where they'd like to be in their life/career. Funny stuff.